Pre-release Monitoring Client agent versions and the auto-update process.

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Watchman Monitoring pre-releases versions of the Monitoring Client agent up to a week ahead of the final release date. In this article, we will review the process of publishing the new version update of your Monitoring Client agents in advance of the scheduled release date.

Understanding Monitoring Client Versions

You can locate the latest version of your Monitoring Client on the Installers page of the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard.


The current version and date posted are denoted for each platform along with operating system versions that are supported by the Monitoring Client.

Mac Installer Version

Pre-release Monitoring Client Version Adoption

Watchman Monitoring pre-releases versions up to a week ahead of the final release date. You can option to update your Monitoring Client agents to the latest version by clicking the Pubish X.X.X button beneath the platform installer.

Mac: Managing Agent Versions

The Watchman Monitoring auto-update process will take care of updating your installed client base. Autopkg users will see the new build in their feeds. If you maintain an installer on a thumb-drive or posted on your own website is encouraged to re-download the latest installer.

The Linux and Windows Monitoring Client Agent will have similar version alerts and publishing options.

Linux / Windows: Managing Agent Versions

If no action is taken, your Monitoring Client Agent will automatically publish the new version on the date specified. The Watchman Monitoring Team might encourage you to adopt a release in advance of the scheduled release date, if a release update resolves an issue you have submitted a bug report.

Watchman Monitoring maintains a minimum viable version for each platform Monitoring Client. If a client is running a version older than the minimim viable version, Watchman Monitoring considers the client out of date for reporting purposes.

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