ConnectWise: Creating a ConnectWise API key.

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Our ConnectWise integration requires an API key for ConnectWise. The following instructions will help you create an API user and the API key for use in setting up the Connectwise integration in Watchman Monitoring.

ConnectWise API Key Generation

ConnectWise API Documentation can be found here.

Open the Windows-native ConnectWise Internet Client and login.

Login to your ConnectWise account.

ConnectWise Internet Client

Under System click on Members.

System > Members

Select API Members.

API Members

Click the + (plus sign) to add a new API Member.

Click + to add a new API User

The Member ID, First Name and Last Name are visible to your user. We recommend naming this along the lines of your custom branding.

Membership Information

Ensure that the Role ID is set to Admin to ensure proper ticket generation.

Set Role ID to Admin

Once you have completed all of the required fields, click Save.

Click Save to save the API User

If you are missing fields, you will be prompted to complete the fields until all required fields are completed.

Once saved, go back into the user. Click on API Keys.

Click on API Keys tab

Click the + (plus sign) to add a new API Key.

Click the + to add an API Key

Provide a Description for the API Key (e.g. Watchman Monitoring Integration) then click Save.

Give the API key a description and click Save.

After saving, a Public Key and Private Key will be displayed.

Display of the Public and Private Key

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