Known Issues

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The following are current known issues with Watchman Monitoring, and/or the Monitoring Client for the Mac, Windows or Linux platform. This article is periodically updated as issues are discovered and resolved.

Watchman Monitoring Server

  • No known issues at this time.

Monitoring Client


  • macOS 10.13: File Vault Status can be misreported for volumes formated for APFS.
  • macOS 10.12+: macOS creates False Mounts during normal sharepoint mounting, and reporting will be toned down.
  • macOS 10.13: A False Mount name Preboot is created under normal operation. Alerts for this folder are not required.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner version 5 is not yet supported. A beta is available for testing.


  • Windows Monitoring Client Agents lower than 1.0.3 may not properly autoupdate. Resolution can be found in this article manual update instructions.


  • No known issues at this time.

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