Handling out of date agents

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This article describes ways of dealing with out-of-date agents, when auto-update has been disabled, or due to a failure of the auto-update process.

Unless disabled, Mac and Windows Agents should update within 24 hours of a new agent release, provided they can reach our IP range, and Amazon's S3, where updates are staged. Linux agents have auto-update disabled by default.

Reinstalling the same, or newer, agent over an existing installation is a safe action, even when changing the subdomain of the installed agent.

Removal of an old agent is not required, nor is restarting the computer.

Updating the Mac agent.


By installing the latest Mac agent on a computer, the latest software is put in place, and all current settings are retained.

There are three types of installers offered by Watchman Monitoring. They each have the same agent, but how they effect the Group will vary.

Normal pkg installer:

  • The normal pkg installer, when used manually in Installer.app, will request a user choose a Group only if there isn't one already set.
  • If there is an older agent installed, its group will be retained and the end user will be prompted only for their administrative password.
  • If no agent is installed, the user will be asked to enter a Group. A notification will be sent in accordance with the Subscriber's Email preferences.

Group pkg installer:

  • The group pkg installer will overwrite the current group setting, if any.

When installing the .pkg using any deploy tool, such as Apple Remote Desktop or Filewave, any existing Group will be retained during installation, unless using a group pkg installer.

If the generic pkg is installed for the first time using a deployment tool, the computer's Group will end up as [Blank].

In all cases, it is possible to re-assign the Computer Record into a new or existing Group using the Dashboard.


The Problem with curl and agents below 5.1

Versions of the Monitoring Client prior to 5.1 relied on curl to gather the list of authorized, available updates. Due to issues in the curl lb documented here:  http://curl.haxx.se/docs/sslcerts.html  means that our older clients can't validate the newer SSL certificates in use by Watchman Monitoring. 

The result that while attempting to gather the AuthorizedHashes, and error occurs, and the Monitoring Client dutifully sends a warning email, and will not install the new version.

Updating the Windows Agent

The Windows agent currently requires being uninstalled through Add/Remove Software, then you can reinstall. It is planned to allow for re-installation without removal in the future.

Be sure to download the latest agent from your Dashboard, or link to it on your site.

Updating the Linux Agent

Note that the Linux agent ships with auto-update disabled.

To force update to the lates version:

sudo run-client -F --update

Enable autoupdates using:

sudo run-client --auto-update true

Managing Agent Versions

Watchman Monitoring pre-releases versions up to a week ahead of the final release date. You can option to update your Monitoring Client agents to the latest version by clicking the Pubish X.X.X button beneath the platform installer.

Autopkg users will see the new build in their feeds. If you maintain an installer on a thumb-drive or posted on your own website is encouraged to re-download the latest installer. Our auto-update process will take care of the rest of your installed client base.

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