Open Source Software and Watchman Monitoring

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Watchman Monitoring and it's accompanying agent is custom-built in-house with care in Louisiana, Florida, Nevada, and Philadelphia.

When needed, and to provide the best available solution to our subscribers, Watchman Monitoring will leverage various open source projects within our Plugins or Server product.

Open Source Projects Used By Watchman Monitoring

The following list provides attribution for the hard work of those who contribute, as we do, to the Open Source community.

Open Source Projects Maintained by Watchman Monitoring

  • BackupMinder - Trims backups, preventing too-full volumes.

About commits by Watchman Monitoring staff to open source projects.

Watchman Monitoring staff work to leave open source repos we use better then when we found them. Commits by staff are done under as Git User Watchman Support with the email address

git config "Watchman Monitoring"
git config ""

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