Configuring the installer before deployment

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This bundle-formatted, un-signed package is designed for use in automated deployments.

The editable postflight script allows this package for the pre- configuration of many default settings. Uses include Apple Remote Desktop, DeployStudio, Autopkg, etc.

To configure the bundle package, right-click and Show Package Contents.

Open Contents/Resources/postflight and modify to your suit needs.

This script is written in python, which is sensitive to changes in tabs and spaces. To prevent installation issues, we recommend using a flat text editor, such as TextWrangler.

Avoid accidentally running the script using File -> Open in your text editor, or by editing in a Terminal window.

Once an agent has been deployed, its settings can be adjusted programmatically using defaults.

Learn more: commands

The archived editable package installer (in .zip format) can be configured to install the Monitoring Client software without the PreferencePane active:

  • Download the archived package installer from the Watchman Monitoring Server dashboard.
  • Decompress the archive.
  • Right-click the .pkg file and choose "Show Package Contents" from the contextual menu.
  • Navigate to:
  • Edit the postflight by setting the following options as shown:
plist_dict["Branding_PrefPane_Included"] = False
plist_dict["Report_SSL"] = True

# Here we set the some default settings for key plugins
# Default root capacity warning level
plist_dict["root_capacity_warning_level"] = 90

# Time Machine defaults
plist_dict["check_time_machine_days"] = 7
plist_dict["check_time_machine_manual_run"] = 0
plist_dict["check_time_machine_manual_run_hour"] = 2

# Default number of days before we report on Crashplan destinations which haven't completed
plist_dict["check_crashplan_days"] = 7

# Defining the default interval between kernel panic warning emails
plist_dict["check_panic_count_qty"] = 3

# Default Updater settings, whether or not to run, and how many days between update checks
plist_dict["Update_Enabled"] = True

# Default Settings Updater
plist_dict["CheckSettings_Enabled"] = True

# Custom Software name
plist_dict["Branding_PrefPane_Bundle_Name"] = 'Monitoring Client'

# Custon PrefPane Gretting
plist_dict["Branding_PrefPane_Greeting"] = 'For support, contact:'

# how often the client should run, in hours
plist_dict["RunClient_Interval_Default"] = 1

# Uncommenting the following line would override any current hourly run settings
# plist_dict["RunClient_Interval"] = 2

# Do we include a PrefPane?
plist_dict["Branding_PrefPane_Included"] = True

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