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When a computer is reporting a problem that won't be fixed, the related plugin can be marked as Ignored.

In some cases, a reported issue will have to be ignored. Perhaps the computer's owner has refused a repair, or plugin is reporting a problem related to software which is no longer in use.

In these cases, locating the computer's record on the server, and marking the plugin as Ignored is a quick and effective way to stop repeated notices of the problem.


• If CrashPlan is no longer use on a laptop, but was only partially removed, the CrashPlan Plugin can be Ignored via the Dashboard.

• The Monitoring Client includes a plugin which can be configured to trigger an Alert if a computer is restarted.  Should this be enabled, but the notices not needed, the Reboot Plugin can be Ignored.

To Ignore a Plugin

To Ignore a Plugin

Select the Actions menu on the plugin to be ignored.

Select All Muting Options...

Selecting Ignore plugin will mute this plugin for this specific computer.

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