Integration with Gruntwork for system maintenance

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Solarwinds MSP Gruntwork

Watchman Monitoring's agent is a read-only solution, aimed at locating issues with computers, and reporting them to IT Service providers for resolution. Gruntwork, by Solarwinds MSP, picks up where Watchman Monitoring leaves off, providing resolution or remediation of many common issues, software distribution, and more.

Solarwinds MSP Gruntwork takes care of the “grunt work” – while you and your team work on what really matters: delivering your expertise and building projects that bring you revenue. Delegate the tedious work to us:

  • Automated disk verification and repair.
  • A complete Munki/Reposado solution stocked with updates that you control.
  • Designed to stay out of users' way, running maintenance on their schedule.
  • Customized with your branding - your name and logo are featured so users know you are working on their behalf.
  • And a lot more!

Watchman Monitoring subscribers receive 10% off a Gruntwork subscription.

Learn more about Gruntwork and Solarwinds MSP at

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