About the "Internal reporting trouble" message in the dashboard

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About Internal Problem Reports

Plugin reporting Internal Problem Reports

This message on the dashboard means Watchman Monitoring Support has been notified of an operational issue.

The Watchman Monitoring agent has an internal, self-diagnostic check to verify that it's operating properly.

In the instance that a diagnostic check fails, you will see a message on the server stating "Internal reporting trouble detected. Support has been notified".

Typically these errors occur due to unforeseen changes in the host system from system upgrades or unusual hardware/software combinations or configurations.

These errors are automatically sent to our support staff for review so there is no action needed on your part. If you'd like additional information or assistance with troubleshooting, please use the Plugin Support button (the ?) to request support. 

About Beta Installers

Watchman Monitoring Plugin Beta Installers

Watchman Monitoring will periodically post beta installers in our Subscriber Community. These installers force an internal report on the first run, and the normal output would be visible in the dashboard on the second hourly run of the beta.

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