A computer was stolen, can we see its WAN IP?

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The Watchman Monitoring server receives reports from the external/WAN IP address of computers as they report their status.

By default, the external/WAN IP address is not made available to subscribers. In the case of a missing or stolen computer, subscribers can request a Alert on Next Report.

Additional details may be available. Contact Watchman Monitoring Support with details, and the IDs of affected computers, for additional support.

Computer Overview > Edit

From the Computer Overview, click the Edit tab.

Reporting: Alert on Next Report

Scroll down to Reporting and click the checkbox under Alert on Next Report.

Don't forget to Save

Scroll down to the bottom and click Save.

Pending Report Notification

The administrative email for the account will receive a one time report e-mail the next time this computer reports.

Sample Report Notification Email

Above is an example of the Report Notification. The WAN IP Address is noted at the top of the report email. This notification will contain the WAN IP address, and time-stamp of the report.

The internal LAN IP address is reported on the computer summary. By default, we don’t report the WAN IP.

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