Working with CSV Exports - Issues and Computer Details

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The Watchman Monitoring Server allows for .csv export of both Computer Inventory, and plugin/test result data.

The files exported are standard UTF-8 encoded, comma-separated files with unix (lf) line endings. Data which may contain special characters (computer name, result data, etc) is wrapped in double-quotes as might be expected.

Despite these preparations, some exported files may not be readily imported by Apple's or Microsoft Excel.

There is a known issue when computer names contain double quotes. Despite escaping, the resulting .csv export will not import properly.  Using a text editor, such as TextWrangler, can remove the excess quotes, allowing for the csv to be processed further. 

In our testing, we have found that CSV Editor Pro, by Canyua Software, and available on the Mac App Store, has been effective in opening and managing the data.

Of interest are some of its pro features, especially the ability to split column, set display & print fonts, and its ability to cut, copy and paste specific rows and columns is reason to purchase the Pro version of the app.


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