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Watchman Monitoring Monitoring Client software ships with Auto-Update enabled, similar to our Mac OS Monitoring Client. Auto-update can be disabled, and updates run manually.

Enabling/Disabling Auto-Update

We understand there are some environments where auto-update is not desirable, and we offer the following options:

Control Panel

Windows Monitoring Client Control Panel > Disable Auto-update

Click Advanced to access the auto-update settings.


Monitoring Client Control Panel > Advanced : Check for automatic updates

Uncheck Check for automatic updates to disable Auto-update.

Registry Keys

The following registry keys manage the setting, and can be applied before installation

The relevant keys are:

; Auto Update. Enabled by default. Set to 0 to disable



Manual Updating

In cases where Auto-Update is disabled, or if the auto-update process fails to complete, an update.exe is included.

Navigate to:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Monitoring Client\ 

and manually launch update.exe.

Update.exe displays current version installed and new version

The old and new version numbers will be displayed, as well as confirmation.
(In this example the old version is .38b and new version is .64b)

Latest version already installed

If your client is up to date you will see a dialog telling you the Latest version is already installed.

Allow wyUpdate to make changes to your computer

Confirm that you want to update by clicking Yes.

It may be necessary to close background WindowsUpdate processes

You may be prompted to Close (Quit) the any background Windows Update processes. Click Close All Processes.

The update process will Download and Install the update

The update process will download the latest version and install it.

Update was successful.

Once complete, click Finish.

Manual Updating from Command Line

To manually update from the command line, execute

c:\Program Files (x86)\Monitoring Client\update.exe /fromservice

The update.exe command, must be run as an administrator. You will not be prompted to elevate the access level.

Run Command Prompt as Administrator

Calling update.exe directly, does not update the registry’s last update check value. Therefor the control panel timestamp will be off.

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