About the Notes in Watchman Monitoring

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  • Can be added per Group or per Computer.
  • Can be private or included on Group Status Reports.
  • Markdown formatting is supported for Notes entries.
  • Group notes will show on the Dashboard for all Computers within that Group.
  • Are not encrypted, please use caution with sensitive data.

Public Notes

  • Shown in Group Status Reports.
  • Checking "Display on Reports regardless of date" Will display this message on all reports, even if it was not created within the specified report date.
  • Public notes marked as "Display on Reports regardless of date" will show as pinned.

Private Notes

  • Show as [PRIVATE].
  • Can be seen in the Dashboard, but not on Group Status Reports

Information which should be included in every email regarding a given computer can be stored in the Group or Computer Description.

Group notes

Group notes

Group Notes can be entered of edited from the Group's page.

Group Notes are shown in Group Report PDFs as well as any Computer Overview PDFs created within that Group.

Computer Notes

Computer Notes

Computer Notes can be entered or edited from the Computer's Overview page.

Computer notes are shown in Computer Overview PDFs as well as Group Report PDFs created for the parent Group.

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