How Resource Intensive is Watchman Monitoring?

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Watchman Monitoring is designed to have a small footprint and minimal impact on the client system. The following applies to the Mac, Windows and Linux Watchman Monitoring Monitoring Client.

How much space is required for Monitoring Client?

The Monitoring Client folder will typically take 5-15 mb on disk, including log files.

How much data is sent or transmitted?

The Monitoring Client payload ranges from 16 kb - 23 kb and is sent once per hour.

Status Reporting can be adjusted from 1 to 6 hours. The default is hourly.

What is the load on the system and processor?

The Monitoring Client agent CPU usage is typically less than 1%.

How long does the Monitoring Client take to complete?

The Monitoring Client agent run typically completes within 30 seconds.

Watchman Monitoring strives to keep these parameters in line. Any findings outside of these norms should be reported to our support team. Including a .zip of our agent's folder is appreciated.

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