Configuring the Monitoring Agent for mass deployment

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When mass deploying or performing an unattended install of the Monitoring Agent (for example, when using Apple Remote Desktop, command line, DeployStudio, etc), you will need to edit the configuration file. The configuration file lives inside the installer's bundle package, to get to it: 

  • Right click MonitoringClient.pkg and choose "Show Package Contents"
  • Navigate to Contents/Resources/postflight

  • Edit the "postflight" file. WARNING: double-clicking the postflight file may attempt to run the script, avoid that by using File -> Open in your text editor (or by editing via Command Line).
  • Modify the desired defaults and be sure to enter a Client Group.
  • Close and save the file back to it's original location.
  • Deploy!

Note: Once an agent has been deployed, its settings can be adjusted using the defaults command.

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