How does Watchman Monitoring work?

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The Watchman Monitoring Servers generate a customized Monitoring Client installer for each Subscriber.

A subscription to Watchman Monitoring provides enough license for the average consultant to install the client on every computer they support.

The Monitoring Client has a single focus: to detect and report issues. Watchman Monitoring does not attempt to resolve any detected issues.

The client runs silently in the background. It checks logs and runs tests every hour in order to identify over 100 potential issues.

The results are securely submitted to the Watchman Monitoring Server. The Server receives reports and sends warning emails as problems are detected.

Each email contains demographics of the affected computer, details of the issue, and a link to view additional details in the Watchman Monitoring Server interface.

The notifications allow the Subscriber to proactively design and coordinate resolution.

The warning emails can also be received directly into the Subscriber's ticketing system.

Administrators who have been granted access to the Watchman Monitoring Server can only review the current health of the monitored computer.

Installation of our client does NOT allow:
  • remote access to the monitored computer
  • the Subscriber to install any additional software
  • the Subscriber to view the screen of a protected computer.

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