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The founder of Watchman Monitoring, Allen Hancock, has a strong appreciation for what the Apple Consultants Network has allowed him to achieve. This article details key benefits of the ACN program, how to make the most of its offerings, and how members can use coupon code ACNMEMBER to get a discount which more than pays for a basic ACN Membership.

Discount for ACN Members
Our History with the ACN
ACN Program Benefits
ACN Discussions / List Serv - "The List"

Watchman Monitoring ACN Discount

Current members of the Apple Consultants Network are welcome to Sign Up for a Free Trial, and enter in Coupon ACNMEMBER into the Billing tab of the Watchman Monitoring Server for a 20% discount off the Professional Plan.

Plans start at $75 a month. They represent a significant source of ongoing revenue, lead generation, and client loyalty.

Know a fellow ACN Member who would benefit by offering Watchman Monitoring to their end users?  Tell us you sent them our way on our referral page

Our History with the ACN

In 2000, Allen Hancock started an Apple consulting practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With no other Apple Consultants were in the area, it was difficult to know who to ask when stuck. Being a member of the ACN, and specifically, being a part of its List-Serv, was a key component to a successful practice.

When our beloved Gayle Murphy stepped down as list-mom, Allen Hancock stepped into the role of List Moderator with Chuck Wilcher. The job of moderator has since been spread to other ACN members, and the discussions continue to be helpful and informative.

ACN Member Benefits

  • The Apple logo can be used on your business cards and website.
  • The ACN Member Locator is a fantastic way to be found. Be sure to ask your existing clients to write a recommendation! It's a sure-fire way to let prospective clients you are worth hiring.
  • The contents posted at has some great information. It is typically released the same day as new products, and there are great technical write-ups to go along with the sales information.
  • Training Discounts! Many Authorized Training Centers honor the ACN discount on training classes  exams.
  • Software benefits! A number of vendors, including Watchman Monitoring, offer NFRs and discounts. This list is published on Apple Sales Web here - US ACN Promotions List
  • NETWORKING - Nowhere else have we found such a great collection of brains, willing to discuss the issues which might vex you.
  • To join the ACN, visit then click "Become a Consultant"

ACN Discussions / List Serv

In mid-2012, the ACN List-Serv was transferred to Apple's Discussion forums. This list is under development, meanwhile, we also run our own community, where we discuss methods of implementing Proactive Support services.

If you feel Watchman Monitoring may be right for you, please create an account.


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