Can Watchman Monitoring alert when a computer restarts?

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Watchman Monitoring Monitoring Client can send an alert when a computer restarts. The alert must be enabled in the PreferencePane as shown below. This feature is turned off by default.

Report Reboot Events

Last Reboot Event

Enabling Reboot/Restart event notifications

Monitoring Client Mac

Monitoring Client > Settings

Open the Monitoring Client Preference Pane.

Navigate to Settings.

Enable Report Reboot Events.

Mac Command Line

Setting Watchman Monitoring Preferences from the Command Line is an efficient method when using deployment scripts and Apple Remote Desktop.

Enable reboot notifications:
sudo defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_reboot_time_settings Warn_On_Reboot -bool true
Disable reboot notifications:
sudo defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_reboot_time_settings Warn_On_Reboot -bool false

Editing Watchman Monitoring Preferences from the command line will cause the files to become unreadable by the logged-in user.

You can force a report (and plist updating) via this command: 

sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/RunClient -F

Then, re-open System Preferences to verify your changes.

Watchman Monitoring always reports the computer's uptime. This can be used to calculate the last time a restart occurred.

Mac-MSP's Gruntwork triggered reboot events will not trigger a reboot notification.

Gruntwork initiated Reboot Event

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