Integration with Autotask (Pending)

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We are working directly with staff at Autotask to implement an integration with their Professional Services Automation (PSA) product.

The initial integration will occur in three phases. A plan to expand and enrich our integration will be made as we continue working with Autotask.

1. Direct Ticket Creation

  • The Watchman Monitoring Server will create a ticket in your Autotask account instead of sending a warning email. The server will record the Autotask ticket ID to prevent repeated notices of known issues.

2. Asset Synchronization

  • We will create and publish a set of LiveLinks to allow your Autotask account to pull information from your Watchman Monitoring subscription.
  • These LiveLinks will allow an Autotask user to list Watchman Monitoring Client Groups and tie them to an Autotask Account.
  • Computer records in a Client Group can be pulled into an Account to be assigned or associated with Installed Products.  

3. Ticket association

  • When possible, tickets will be matched to an Installed Product within your Autotask account. 
  • If there is no direct, per-computer match, newly created tickets will be matched with a relationship between your Watchman Monitoring Client Groups and your Autotask Accounts.

Another feature being reviewed for feasibility is the ability to view issues which Watchman Monitoring reports within Autotask.

Have more ideas?  Let us know.

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