Integrating Watchman Monitoring with LANrev (formerly Absolute Manage)

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Create a Custom Field

Launch the LANrev Admin.

From the Window Menu, choose Server Center (Command Shift D).

Select Custom Fields at the top.

Use the Gear menu to create a new field from the action menu.

Set the field name to WatchmanStatus.

Set the Field Type to Dynamic.

Set Data type to String.

Uncheck "Execute only when sending full inventory".

Uncheck "Return execution errors as a result".

Uncheck "Replace line feeds with spaces in result data".

Check "Automatically assign to all computers".

Set the toggle to Macintosh.

The data source is Unix Shell Script.

Text is:

if [ -f /Library/MonitoringClient/Utilities/ExportStatus ]; then /Library/MonitoringClient/Utilities/ExportStatus; fi 

The Command line options field can be left blank.

Execute as "System account user".

Save All Changes to the Server.

Close the Server Center Window.

Create a Smart Group

From the Window Menu, choose Computers (Command 1).

Smart Group Name "WatchmanErrors"

Contains records which match All the following conditions

Enter "WatchmanStatus" Contains "Warning"

Set the Execute Script Options

Set the Execute Script Options

Commands - Execute Scripts

Unix Shell Script


/Library/MonitoringClient/Utilities/ExportStatus -v

Then click options

DescriptionWatchman Status Report

Schedule: immediate

Repeat every 1 hour

Not Wake up computer

Defer task if target computer is not available

Only add to command history in case of error

Save Template As:Watchman Status Report

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