What support does Watchman Monitoring provide?

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Watchman Monitoring is happy to provide Subscribers all the support needed to make the most out of their Watchman Monitoring subscription.

Support is available via the following channels:

We employ various methods to ensure your questions and concerns are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible (including screen sharing sessions when necessary).

Scope of support

  • Troubleshooting why the Monitoring Client does not run or report to the server.
  • Troubleshooting error messages relating to the operation of the client.
  • Providing an overview of how a specific plugin works
  • Feature requests
  • Explaining what a received error means

Outside the scope of support

  • How to address a problem which was reported.

In other words: Our job is to explain how we came to warn you of 80 Disk i/o errors in the past hour, and which drive they happened on. Helping you replace the failed drive would not be ;-)

We're proud of our support record, and pay attention to every comment which comes in. View our support review history at: https://twitter.com/watchmansupport

In App notifications

In order to reduce reliance on emails, Watchman Monitoring utilizes in-app notifications to announce new features, and warn of certain issues. Look for them in your Dashboard on login:

Example In App notifications

Clicking Learn More will open the related notice in a new window, clicking the X will dismiss the notification permantly. Look to our Blog posts for related information.

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