Posting your custom installer for easy deployment

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Support professionals who subscribe to Watchman Monitoring need easy ways to deploy the Monitoring Client at any time.

The following are some ideas for making your customized installer available when needed.

Posting the URL to your site

Unlike the rest of the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard, the installation package for the Monitoring Client does not require login access.

Your installer download can be found by using your subdomain in the following URL examples:

Tip: Use a link shortener service to create a shortcut to your installer package. 

The signed, flat package can be downloaded from:


Your .zip's URL (for automated deployments) would be:


Embed a link to the installer on your homepage

Turn an element on the homepage of your website into a link:

<a href="https://{subdomain}">Staff Use OS X</a>

Create an auto-downloading page on your website

Create an auto-downloading page on your website
  • Create a folder named "client" at the root level of your website.
  • Place an index.html file in the "client" folder.
  • Add the following code to the index.html file, replacing {subdomain} with your subdomain
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=https://{subdomain}" >

When you visit the page created above, the computer will auto-download the latest version of the installer.

Creating and auto-download page on WordPress sites.

Creating and auto-download page on WordPress sites.

Without a plugin, it is not possible to add Meta tags directly to a WordPress post. A free plugin called "Add Meta Tags" adds this functionality.

Install the Add Meta Tags Plugin

After activating, go to Metadata on the plugin's Settings page and check the box labeled Full Meta Tags then save.

Now when you're creating/editing a page, you will see a Full Meta Tags box, where you can input

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=https://{subdomain}" >

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