How long since I last backed up? "Oh, a little while"

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During early testing of the Watchman Monitoring system, I installed the agent on my Mom's laptop.

I'd asked her when the last time she plugged in her laptop was, and she said "Oh, it's been a little while."

Moments later, the client was installed, and I received the report:


The host Sharon's Laptop has the following issues:


Time Machine Reporter:Critical Notice -  Last Time Machine backup was  271 days ago at 2010-02-07 22:05:24


She found her backup drive, plugged it in, and all was well. Since then I've only received a few notices about her backing up, and I can log into my Watchman Server if I ever wanted to check. (Not that I ever do, I know Watchman Monitoring's got my back on this.)

In December of last year, the hard drive gave out. We replaced it & restored from her backup.  If it weren't for the Watchman Client on her computer, would I have been restoring her February backup? I'm not sure. I'm certainly glad it never came to that.

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