Wow, that made editing video easier.

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I signed up another client to our support agreement today, adding another $10 a month for each of the 6 computers in their office.

I configured the ClientGroup.txt file, and installed the Watchman Client on the 6 computers.

A moment later, I received this report:

The host Jon has the following issues 
Check Root Capacity: WARNING:  97% (223Gb of 233Gb) used on root volume. 


I was able to clean off 25GB of old email files, which allowed him to finish the editing project he was working on in 1/2 the time it would have taken with only 10GB free.

And of course, it was an additional billable hour.

Total win = $60 a month + $120 for that hour.  The Watchman Monitoring system is absolutely allowing the Mac Consulting Group Support Agreement to flourish.

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