I can see us getting addicted to this real soon…

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…In fact, I think we already are!


Yesterday we added our 50th machine (we only started using it about 10 days ago) and we got our first alerts that generated billable hours--woohoo!


The first was an ECC RAM Error on a File Server (pretty important and I don't know how or when we would have caught this otherwise unless we examined the System Profiler on a regular basis). We called the client, swapped in got the bad RAM replaced by the Mfg. and billed 1 hr. flat rate. Everybody wins as who knows what kind of data corruption that bad RAM module could have ben causing…


Second was on a group of 3 machines in a home that instantly let us know Time Machine hasn't backed up in 42 days! Ya think the client would let us know but NO, they don't, they just ignore the messages the system gives them every 10 days but now WE know and called them to make an Appt. to reset the Time Capsule that the "cable guy" had for some reason reset to defaults about 42 days ago--what a coincidence! This one will generate about 2 hours of billable time since it will include on-site to fix the network/backup issues and remote to perform updates. NICE!


We're gonna be adding a slew of machines to this service and can't wait to see the alerts rolling in (cha-ching!) and our customers love the idea of this (we're giving it away free) service and how it proactively protects and informs them. We love how it ties us to our customers. I can see how one of our very first Troubleshooting steps on most systems going forward will include simply installing WM and seeing if any alerts trigger instantly--certainly a lot faster than checking all those vital signs manually!


Stay tuned-this is going to be awesome!

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