Common Crashplan Client Errors and Solutions

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Watchman Monitoring alerts you to backup problems on all versions of Crashplan.

Home (green), Business (blue), Enterprise (black) are all covered on Mac, Linux, and Windows OS.

Simply install the Watchman Monitoring agent, and you will be notified if a client hasn't completed a backup in 7 days (by default) or if your own ProE server is not responding, or creating its regularly scheduled backups.

ERROR: "Could not find /Library/Caches/CrashPlan"

This error usually occurs because Java VM/engine is not installed. New Macs do not have Java installed. The CrashPlan client does not work without Java. Launching from the applications folder triggers the installation of Java.

Crashplan has posted a number of articles related to getting Java reinstalled.
Here are some worth noting:

Crashplan reported an "Out of Memory error occurred"

Watchman Monitoring will look for, and report on, situations where the Crashplan Client software runs out of memory during its scan.

Code42 support has posted this article, which explains what's going on, and offers suggestions.

Searching Code42's support site for "Out of Memory" can lead to solutions, including increasing the memory allotment.

Crashplan is unable to backup X file(s)

This is a common error where the CrashPlan client application decides that some files cannot be backed up, but does not report this to the GUI.

In almost every case, the files are not important, and can be removed with no consequence.

When this error is reported, the best course of action is to review the files listed in 


Excess warnings when rotating Crashplan's backup media

CrashPlan does not recommend a workflow that rotates external drives. However, some users will rotate drives used as destinations. In this case, the default settings on the Monitoring Client need to be adjusted to prevent false positives.

In the Settings tab of the PreferencePane, change the days allowed between backup completion to the number of days of the rotation cycle being used plus a few days for the drive to back up.


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