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Watchman Monitoring is designed for IT Professionals who, in turn, offer the service to their end users.

This article covers the details of our available plans. For pricing informaiton, visit: https://www.watchmanmonitoring.com/pricing/

Getting Started

The Getting Started plan is designed to allow an IT Consultant a way to ease into Proactive Support without the stress of a full Professional Subscription.

The Getting Started plan is limited to 25 computers, but includes every feature in the Professional Plan. Beacon Reporting will incur a separate monthly cost at the Getting Started level.

In-House IT

The In-House IT plan allows a small business to monitor up to 250 computers in their own organization.

In-House IT departments can also obtain a Managed Account with support from a local Provider.

Consultant, In-House IT Large, and Education

A Professional subscription is designed to allow the average Consultant, Large business, or Educational IT department to enjoy our Proactive Support platform on every computer they care for. As usage goes past 1500 concurrent installations, additional seats are available in batches of 1000 for an additional charge of $100 per month.


Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts are available through consultants who can offer Tier 1 support to their subscribers. Our Providers know their subscribers best, and can offer more detail and in-depth support.

Managed accounts are billed to our providers, who sell the subscription to their subscribers. Accounts are limited to 250 computers per account, but the account can be transitioned into a re-sold Professional subscription if they grow over 250 computers.


Examples of good fits for managed accounts:

• An organization with less than 250 computers wants to receive its own notifications

• An organization you provide support to wants their own custom branding or the ability to edit their own contact menu

How to find an Authorized Distributor

How to become an Authorized Distributor

All Watchman Monitoring subscribers can create Managed Accounts. To be listed as one of our Authorized Distributors, visit our certifications page:


Multiple Accounts

There are a limited number of reasons a Subscriber would want to create more than a single Watchman Monitoring subscription. Each of the following are considered either rare, edge-case, or apply to larger institutions. 

• A single subscription can have a single set of Custom Branding assets.
Should you desire to have one image & title for the agent for each location, each would require its own Subscription.

• A subscription can have only one primary report destination.
A Subscriber who wishes to isolate problem reports among multiple companies, each with its own helpdesk, might choose to create multiple subscriptions.
For example: If a Subscriber has offices in two cities and uses a separate Zendesk account for each city, a subscription for each location is needed.

• A Subscriber with numerous large clients may choose multiple subscriptions
Especially in the case where in-house IT may desire direct access to the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard, such as multiple school districts, a single Watchman Monitoring subscriber may create a subscription for each school they manage. 

• Multiple Client Groups within a single company.
If a single organization is too large to fit into Groups such as "WidgetsInc-Marketing", "WidgetsInc-Engineering" or "WidgetsInc-Accounting" - Managed Accounts may be a good fit.

A volume discount of 20% for each subscription is available for multiple subscriptions from a single entity. 

Please contact us to explore this option in detail.

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