Can Subscribers create custom plugins?

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Subscribers are welcome to create Custom Plugins. Plugins follow our open format, and can be distributed automatically if desired.

Plugin Format

Plugins can be written in any language supported by your computers' operating system. Bash, python, ruby or perl can all be used, so long as the script prints its results to stdout, and exists with the appropriate status code.

Details and examples are posted in this github repo:

The format is loosely based on Nagios, and computers will automatically run any newly added plugin (administrative access required).

Plugin creation, and ownership

Plugins you create are owned by you. Plugins can be submitted to Watchman Monitoring for distribution to your installed client base at no extra charge, or you may choose to distribute them to a subset of your computer base as you desire.  

The staff at Watchman Monitoring are happy to assist in the design or implementation, and maintain a private github repo to foster such development.

Custom Plugins for everyone.

For plugins which adhere to our read-only nature, options exist which can benefit all subscribers.

If we assist you with the creation of the plugin, or if we build a plugin upon request we should consider allowing it for distribution to all subscribers. Watchman Monitoring is open to paying for your time in development.

Please reach out to support to start this conversation.

Disclaimer: Plugin spec is subject to change. Whenever possible, we retain backwards compatibility.

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