CSV Export Templates Overview

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CSV Export Templates allow customization of data exported as a CSV file for Computers, Expirations and Plugin Results. Templates can be created and edited by administrators and employees, and are accessible to all users.

Accessing CSV Export Templates

An administrator or employee can manage CSV Templates by navigating to Settings > CSV Templates.

Settings < CSV Templates

The list of available CSV Export Templates will be displayed.

CSV Export Template List

CSV Export Templates are available from the Export CSV menu throughout your dashboard, when viewing computers or a group.

Export CSV Menu

Creating a CSV Export Template

Navigate to Settings > CSV Templates and click the Add CSV Template menu. Select the export type of Computer, Expiration or Plugin Result from the list.

Add CSV Template

You can optionally, select New CSV Template from the Export CSV menu. The CSV Template Editor will open in a new window.

Export CSV > New CSV Template

In Template Setup, give the Export Template a Name and optionally change the Export Type.

Template Setup

Under the Columns to Export, you can select the individual data columns you would like in the export.

Optionally, click Select All / Clear All, to select all data columns or clear your selection, respectively.

Computer Columns to Export
Plugin Columns to Export
Expiration Columns to Export

Once you have selected the columns to export, click the Save button below the column listing.


Editing a CSV Export Template

Navigate to Settings > CSV Templates and click the Edit button for the template.

CSV Export Template List

You can also click the pencil next to the template from the Export CSV menu in your Dashboard to edit the CSV Export Template.

Export CSV > Editing a CSV Export Template

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