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Portadi is a cloud access panel for workplace apps. Portadi increases productivity - users see a complete list of work apps available to them and can sign in, without usernames and password, to any of their business accounts and apps. Security is a big part of the offering - Portadi removes the need to disclose login credentials to users. Portadi puts admins and managers in control - they can see which apps are used in the company, who uses them, and how often.

Portadi works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 

View their current list of pre-configured applications at


Recommended Configuration

While watchman Monitoring does not have a policy against account sharing within your organization, we find our users get better support when logged in to their own account. Therefore, we recommend adding Watchman Monitoring as a Private App to each Portadi account.

Adding Watchman Monitoring to Your Portadi

Adding Watchman Monitoring to Your Portadi

From your individual Portadi account, click "Add app"

Select "Watchman Monitoring"

Select "This is my Private Account"

Enter your username and password.

Select "Add App"

Now Watchman Monitoring will show up as a private app in your Portadi. To sign in, just select "Watchman Monitoring" and Portadi will log you in to your Watchman Monitoring Dashboard.

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