Expiration Tracking

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Track anything which might expire with Watchman Monitoring's Expirations.  As we check the health of your computers, our agent will automatically gather expiration dates from Backblaze, CrashPlan, Kerio Connect, and more.

Expiration Ownership

Expirations may be attached to a Group, or directly to a Computer Record.  Expirations attached to a Computer Record will also be related to that Computer Record's Group.

Expiration Components

An Expiration will have the following components:

  • Manufacturer
  • Product Name
  • License Key
  • Expiration Date
  • A Renewable Toggle
  • Optional Notes



Manufacturer can be any hardware vendor, software developer, domain registrar, certificate authority, or even represent your own company for services you offer directly.

Some Manufacturers are automatically created, others will be added as the Monitoring Client software performs its hourly checks. Manufacturers created by the agent will have a lock icon, and cannot be removed.

Any Manufacturer can be added, either in the Setup page, or on the fly during Expiration entry.



The Product is what might expire, and in most cases, need to be renewed.

As with Manufacturers, some Products are created automatically, some will be created as the Monitoring Client software reports, and you are able to create as many additional Products as your workflow needs.

A key Product to add would be any recurring service you provide your end users.

License Key

License Key

The License Key is the unique identifier for each Expiration entry.

License Keys are arbitrary, common examples include:

  • Software Serial Numbers
  • Hardware Serial Numbers
  • Contract Numbers
  • Email Addresses tied to subscriptions
  • Domain Names related to email hosting or domain registrations

Expiration Date

Adding the expiration date allows Watchman Monitoring to include this entry in the weekly emails and calendar feed. Emails are sent each Monday and contain all expirations coming due in the next sixty (60) days.


The Renewable checkbox indicates if the Expiration can be renewed. Most items can be renewed, however items such as warranties or discontinued software may not be eligible for renewal. In cases like this, the Expiration record will remain attached to the Group or Computer Record until its removal.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Expirations which are coming due in the coming sixty 60 days will be included in emails which are sent weekly on Mondays at the hour of your choosing, or on the first of the month, if selected.

These settings can be changed in https://app.monitoringclient.com/settings/email

If you have GSX Access, see our Integration with GSX for Warranty Reminders.

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