PDF Reports Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size image do we need for the PDF header?

Images must be at least 130 pixels tall, or 450 pixels wide.  Images which are larger will be scaled down proportionally.

Do I need to pay for custom branding again?

No, but we do need you to fill out our form  & supply the image for the PDF Reports.

Why can't we reuse an existing image?

Images previously supplied are generally designed to work on a dark background, this image will be used for print.

If I don't have Custom Branding, can I add a custom logo to my report?

You will need to purchase Custom Branding to enable this feature.

Can I have multiple Custom Logos for my PDF Reports?

No. We only allow for one logo per account for PDF Reports.

How Can I Share a PDF Report?

We recommmend downloading the PDF Report and then attaching to an email and or sharing via normal document sharing methods.

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