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When the Watchman Monitoring agent detects the Addigy agent, a link to its page in Addigy is automatically displayed in Watchman Monitoring.

Addigy Integration - Connect with Addigy


Addigy Integration

Navigate to Integrations > Addigy

Enable Addigy

Turn the Addigy Integration

By default, Addigy is enabled. Slide the switch to On to enable the Addigy Integration.

If the Monitoring Client detects Addigy is installed on the Computer, Addigy URLs will be displayed on the Dashboard and in emails for one-click access to your Addigy account.

Generate API Key

Generate API Key / Show API Key

Click the Show API Key button to generate an API Key for use in Addigy.

Generated API Key - Copy

Click the Copy button to copy the API key into your clipboard.

Go to the Addigy Integrations Page

Click the Addigy Integrations Page to enable the integration in Addigy.

Save button

Click Save to enable the Addigy Integration.

Enabling the Watchman Monitoring Integration in Addigy

Addigy: Support > Integrations

Navigate to the Addigy Integrations Page.

Watchman Monitoring Integration in Addigy

Paste your Watchman Monitoring API Key in the Watchman Monitoring API Key field and enter your subdomain.

Enter the Watchman Monitoring API Key in Addigy

Click the slider to activate the integration.

Watchman Monitoring Integration in Addigy Activated

Integrations in Addigy must be added from Addigy accounts with the Owner role. The API Key and subdomain fields will not be displayed for Admin accounts.

Something's Wrong - Verification Failed

If your Watchman Monitoring credentials are invalid, you will see a warning that Addigy Failed Verifying account. Verify your API key and subdomain.

Policies in Addigy

Alerts and Configurations can be configured in the Addigy Policies. You can create alerts based on Watchman Monitoring criteria to provide additional alerts from Computers assigned to these Policies.

Addigy: Policies
Addigy Create Alert

Contact Menu

Addigy MacManage App

You can add the Addigy MacManage App to your Contact Menu with the following Bundle ID.

  • Bundle ID: com.electron.macmanage
Contact Menu: Addigy MacManage App

Learn more about the Contact Menu and Contact Menu Tips & Tricks.

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