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The Mac knows how to deal with URIs which have been registered with the operating system. Unfortunately, web browsers don't know what to do with bluesky:// URI and other specific URIs. PopClip solves this problem (and countless others).

Installing PopClip

Installing PopClip is easy. Simply visit the Apple AppStore for PopClip.

PopClip icon

PopClip has over 100 great extensions that extend the functionality of PopClip, as well.

Adding Support for Additional URIs

Quit PopClip by selecting the Quit button from the PopClip menu.

Quit PopClip

Open and run the following command:

    defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip OtherURLSchemes -array bluesky evernote omnifocus spotify ftp vnc

The keywords after -array are all URIs that would be recognized by PopClip. (e.g. bluesky for bluesky:// URIs).

You can include any URI schemes in the list but you have to specify the complete list every time. If you don't include things like ftp, you'll be removing that functionality.

Start PopClip again.

Using PopClip

Select a text URI (or URL), PopClip will appear. Click the Link icon to open the link.

Open Link Using PopClip

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