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This article details how Watchman Monitoring integrates with Jamf Pro (formerly JAMF's Casper Suite). By leveraging Watchman Monitoring along with the Jamf Pro, IT Administrators get the best of both worlds: Monitoring and Management.

Deploying Watchman Monitoring via the JSS

The JAMF Software Server (JSS) can be used to deploy the Monitoring Client. A customized script is available from the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard which, when configured with the desired Group, will enable a Jamf Pro Administrator to start monitoring every managed computer just a few minutes. Your customized script can be found here:


Monitoring computer health in the JSS

An overview of a Mac's current health can be displayed in the JSS. We also recommend creating a Smart Group to display which machines need attention as a helpful addition to the warning emails sent by the Watchman Monitoring server.

To monitor computer health in the JSS, do the following:

1. Download our Extension Attributes (Github URL)

2. Create a Smart Group to show all computers with warnings

  • Enter "WatchmanStatus" contains "Has Issue"
  • Set the Execute Script Options
  • Description: Watchman Status Report Schedule: Immediate, Repeat every 1 hour
  • Defer task if target computer is not available.
  • Only add to command history in case of error

3. Add the Extension Attribute to more categories

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Inventory Options
  • Click Inventory Display Preferences
  • Click Extension Attributes

Once installed, the Monitoring Client looks for the presence of the JAMF Binary, locates the related Computer ID, and notes the monitored computer's JSS URL. The URL is then available in the Watchman Monitoring Server interface and in all warnings for that machine.

Add Easy Access to Self Serve With the Watchman Monitoring Contact Menu

To provide an easy and uniform place for your end users to access Jamf Pro's Self Service feature, add a new application to your contact menu here:

Add Easy Access to Self Serve With the Watchman Monitoring Contact Menu

Jamf Pro Self Serve in the Contact Menu Example

Provide a Title, select Apple Bundle Identifier, and enter com.jamfsoftware.selfservice. You can also select Offer Download Option and direct computers that do not have Self-Service installed to your enrollment form.

Jamf Pro Self Serve in the Contact Menu Example

Manually setting the Computer ID  (optional)

In order to retrieve the Computer ID, a JAMF Recon is triggered on the first run of the Monitoring Client. If the client fails to determine the Computer ID (which can happen if the computer's serial number or Client iD changes), a one-time warning is sent.

NOTE: If the Computer ID doesn't update, a forced update may be performed in any one of the following ways:

1. In the Settings tab of PreferencePane on the monitored computer, click the Recon Next Run checkbox.

2. Script the Monitoring Client to recon and pull the updated Computer ID

#! /bin/bash
if [ -d "/Library/MonitoringClient" ];
defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_jamf_information_settings Recon_Next_Run -bool True
exit 1
exit 0

or 3. Send a command to set the Computer ID

defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_jamf_information_settings JSS_ComputerID "###"  (where ### is the Computer ID)



*Kudos to John Kitzmiller for his help in expanding this integration

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