Enable Beacon for Immediate Offline Reporting for a Computer

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Beacon Reporting allows for alerting on the availability of computers. An alert is triggered when a particular computer goes offline for the specified duration of time or if a computer boots from a bootable clone. Beacon Reporting is ideal for computers that require high-availability.

Enabling Beacon Reporting

Watchman Monitoring's implementation of immediate offline reporting is unique in that it sends a proof-of-life for each check-in. This is a more advanced implementation as compared to traditional downtime reporting systems. Traditional reporting systems either maintain a simple thread, or check for a response from the outside. The proof-of-life functionality of Beacon in Watchman Monitoring provides a more accurate validation that a computer is down or offline.

Enable Beacon Reporting on a computer by navigating to the Computer Overview.

Computer Overview Summary

Click on the Edit tab, and scroll down to Beacon Reporting.

Computer Overview > Edit

Beacon Reporting

Beacon Reporting can be enabled for the computer by sliding the switch to On. Set the Minutes allowed before the computer is considered offline which is the interval after which the computer is considered to be offline. An additional alert can be elected to be sent when the computer comes back online.

Beacon Reporting

Beacon Reporting will not appear on the computer record until it checks in after the initial setting. Having the computer check for updates will allow for Beacon Reporting to start immediately.

Once the Beacon Reporter has been enabled, you will see the Beacon Reporter plugin in the Plugin Results for the computer. With an all clear report, the Beacon uptime will be displayed.

Beacon Reporter

Beacon Alerts

A Beacon Alert email alert will be sent when a computer is considered to be offline for the time segment selected for Beacon Reporting, or if the computer reboots from a bootable clone. Beacon Alerts are displayed under the Beacon Reporter plugin in the computer Plugin Results.

Subscribers with a ticketing integration will have a ticket generated in their integrated ticketing system.

Tickets will not be cleared automatically, if the computer comes back on-line, and should be closed once resolved to allow future alerts. If an additional alert when the computer comes back on-line, you will have an additional ticket created.

Example Beacon Alert Email

Beacon Reporting allows for advanced reporting when a computer goes offline for a specified amount of time. Beacon reporting is ideal for computers that require high-availability such as servers and other critical systems.

Failed to Report

When a Beacon Alert email is sent, the Beacon Reporter plugin result will show a result including the minutes allowed, and the timestamp of the last successful checkin.

Failed to report Beacon Reporting

Boot Volume Change

If a computer with Beacon Alerts enabled reboots to a bootable clone, an Alert will report the Old and New UUID of the boot volume Drive.

Beacon Reporter - UUID of boot volume changed

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