Troubleshooting a Client that fails to run

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Problem: The client does not run as scheduled.

Check to make sure that the Launch Daemons are loaded with the following terminal command:

sudo launchctl list | grep monitoringclient

If the Launch Daemons are loaded, the output should be something like:

- 0 com.monitoringclient.client
- 0 com.monitoringclient.updater
X - com.monitoringclient.diskjournald 

If an error is returned, report the issue to Watchman Support.


Problem: The client runs but does not report.

Force-run the Monitoring Client with the following terminal command:

sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/RunClient -F --log

This command can also be sent without sudo via Apple Remote Desktop by sending it to run as root.

Email any output or error messages to Watchman Support.

Problem: Not receiving updates.

The following two commands will attempt to run the Monitoring Client Updater.

sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/Utilities/UpdateClient -F
sudo launchctl start com.monitoringclient.updater

Email any output errors to Watchman Support.

Problem: Plugin X is not working.

If there is a problem with a particular plugin, the plugin can be run directly to understand what is happening. Open a terminal and give the path of the plugin:

sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/Plugins/[plugin_name].plugin

Report any error output and any system information relevant to the particular plugin (such as your Time Machine configuration for problems with check_time_machine.plugin) to Watchman Support.

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