Configuring Google OAuth2 for Single Sign On

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Google OAuth2 Integration allows for Single Sign On (SSO) to Watchman Monitoring using your G-Suite credentials.

By configuring Google OAuth2 SSO, you can allow anyone in your Google-managed domain to automatically log in without creating a second set of credentials for Watchman Monitoring. Two factor authentication is supported, and is managed by the same G-Suite authentication rules you define for your domain.

When configuring Google OAuth SSO, you can set default access privilages for new users in your domain, preventing the need to manually register each user in your organization. Privilages can be customized by individual user once they have logged in once, or by manually creating their account.

Configuring Single Sign On

Navigate to Settings > Security

Settings > Security

Configuring Google OAuth2

Select Enable Google OAuth2 to display the Google OAuth2 SSO configuration options.

Enable Google OAuth2

Enter your authorized domain to allow Google OAuth2 single sign on. 

Configuring Google OAuth2 Sign On

If your organization uses more than one email domain, multiple domains can be entered with comma delineation.

You can optionally disable use of password based logins for administrator and employees.

Default Permissions for New Users Created Using OAuth2

Default Permissions for New Users Created Using SAML

Google OAuth2 can generate new users for you in Watchman Monitoring. Set the default permissions for new users.

Once a OAuth2 User has been created, Roles and Permissions can be adjusted. See Changing User Permissions in the Watchman Monitoring Server Dashboard.

Default Group Access for Users Created Using OAuth2

Employees can be restricted from viewing certain Groups

New Employee Group Permissions

Add one or more Groups Employees should not have access to when created.

End Users must be assigned Groups

New End User Group Permissions

Add one or more Groups End Users should have access to when created.

Logging in with Google OAuth2 SSO

With OAuth2 configured, an additional button to Sign in with SSO will be displayed on the login page. Clicking on the Sign in using Google will take you to the G-Suite login.

Google OAuth2 Single Sign On Login Screen

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