Configuring Centrify for Single Sign On

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Centrify users can utilize SAML Single Sign On with Watchman Monitoring. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML standard that allows secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data. SAML Integration allows for Single Sign-on (SSO) to Watchman Monitoring. The following steps will help you implement SAML for Watchman Monitoring using Centrify.

Create Role in Centrify

Log into your Centrify Admin Portal and create a Role for users to grant access to log into your Watchman Monitoring Dashboard.

In the left column navigate to Core Services > Roles.

Centrify Admin Portal: Core Services > Roles

In the right pane click on Add Role.

Add Role

Give the role a name and optional Description.

Add Role: Description

Select Members. Click Add.

Members: Add

Search for users or groups from Active Directory, G Suite, Centrify directory, or any other federated directory. Select them and click Add.

Search and Add users or groups

Add SAML Web App to Centrify

In the Centrify Admin Console, select Apps from the left column.

Select Apps in Centrify Web Admin

Click Add Web Apps next to the Apps Search field.

Click Add Web Apps button

In the Add Web Apps modal, click the Custom tab.

Click Custom

Scroll down in the list, and click Add next to the SAML Web App.

Add SAML Web App

Click Yes to confirm adding the SAML Web App.

Add SAML Web App confirmation

Click the Close button to close the Add Web App modal.

Close Add Web App modal

Locate the Identity Provider SAML Meta data URL section, select and copy the provided URL to your clipboard.

Copy the Identity Provider SAML Meta data URL

Configure SAML SSO in Watchman Monitoring Dashboard

In a new tab or window, navigate to Settings > Security in your Watchman Monitoring Dashboard and click Enable SAML SSO.


Select I have a SAML metadata URL.

I have a SAML metadata URL

Paste the Identity Provider SAML Meta data URL from Centrify into the SAML IdP Metadata URL field on your Dashboard.

SAML IdP Metadata URL

Select Disable password based sign-in... option.

Disable password based sign-in

Learn more about default permissions in Configuring SAML for Single Sign-on support article.

Be sure to click Save at the bottom.


Copy the SP ACS/Endpoint URL.

SP ACS/Endpoint URL

Complete SAML Configuration in Centrify

Return to the Centrify Admin Portal and paste the SP ACS/Endpoint URL from your Watchman Monitoring Dashboard into the Assertion Consumer Service URL field in Centrify.

Assertion Consumer Service URL

Be sure to click Save.


Click on Description.

SAML App Description

Set the Application Name to Watchman Monitoring SAML and set the Category.

Centrify SAML App Configuration

Right-click or Ctrl-click on the following logo and Save to Downloads.


Click the Select Logo button, select the previously saved logo file from your Downloads folder.

Select Logo

Click Save.


Click on User Access.

Select User Access

Select the Role(s) to allow access to Watchman Monitoring.

Select Rolles to access Watchman Monitoring

Click Save.


Logging in with Centrify SAML SSO

With SAML configured, an additional button to Sign in with SSO will be displayed on the login page. Clicking on the Sign on with SSO will take you to the Centrify user portal.

Login Page with SAML SSO

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