ConnectWise: Ticketing and Asset Tracking Integration

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With our integration into ConnectWise - warnings become tickets in your ConnectWise account. Each warning is automatically muted until its related ticket is resolved. Watchman Monitoring allows you to map Groups to ConnectWise Companies for asset tracking.

Configuration of the ConnectWise integration with Watchman Monitoring can be a time consuming process. You will want to have Service Boards, Closed Ticket Status(es), Companies, Configuration Types, and Configurations in ConnectWise.

The following instructions will help you configure the ConnectWise integration.

Overview of the ConnectWise Integration

  • Maps Watchman Monitoring "Groups" to ConnectWise “Customers”
  • Link Watchman Monitoring Computer Records to ConnectWise Configurations.
  • Generate Configuration Items in ConnectWise based on Computer Records. (Not automatic, Configuration Item data will not sync past creation.)
  • Create ConnectWise tickets based on Watchman Monitoring Alerts and Warnings.
  • Tickets created by Watchman Monitoring will always reference the mapped Company. You may enforce the mapping to Configuration Items as well during the integration's setup.


ConnectWise Setup

You will first need to Create a ConnectWise API key. Once you have created a set of API keys, you will need these for the remaining setup procedure.

The name of the API user will be visible to your users. We recommend naming the API user to match your own company brand. (e.g. "Our Alerting System")

Visit this URL for ConnectWise's API Documentation: ConnectWise U.

Watchman Monitoring Setup

Navigate to the ConnectWise integration.

In the slide out modal, do the following:

  1. Turn the integration on
  2. Enter your ConnectWise Host (without the https://)
  3. Enter your ConnectWise Company ID
  4. Enter the ConnectWise Public Key (generated in the steps above).
  5. Enter the ConnectWise Private Key (generated in the steps above).

Click Save & Continue.

Watchman Monitoring ConnectWise Integration

Step 1

Click the Start button to begin synchronizing and updating Settings, Companies, and Configurations from ConnectWise.

You will be shown a dialog as Watchman Monitoring syncs with your ConnectWise.

Syncing ConnectWise (Animation)

You will be shown a dialog as Watchman Monitoring syncs with your ConnectWise.

Retrieving ConnectWise records

Step 2

Next, select the Closed Ticket Status Types or status, that when a ticket is set, Watchman Monitoring is able to determine the ticket is closed.

Select Closed Ticket Status Types

Select the Relevant Configuration Types such as laptops, desktops and servers. These selected configuration types will be available when mapping Computer Records when creating tickets.

Select Relevant Configuratio Types

Click Save & Continue.

Step 3

Map Groups from Watchman Monitoring to your ConnectWise Companies.

Watchman Monitoring will suggest a ConnectWise Company that matches the Watchman Monitoring group name.

Select ConnectWise Company

Select your ConnectWise Service Board where your Service Tickets will be sent by default.

Step 4

Select the default Service Board for tickets. All Service Boards must have default Status and default Team Assignment configured in ConnectWise.

Set Default Service Board for New TIckets

All Service Boards must have a default Status and must have a default Team Assignment configured in ConnectWise.

You can optionally map Watchman Monitoring Groups to ConnectWise Service Boards. This mapping allows for tickets from specified Groups to be created in alternate Service Boards. Service Boards must have default Status and default Team Assignment configured in ConnectWise.


Step 5

Map Computers to ConnectWise Configurations by entering a configuration name in the Search Configurations field next to each computer. You will be presented a list of configurations to select. Click Save next to each computer, or click Save All to save all.

If a computer is not mapped to a ConnectWise Configuration, the Administrative email address (defined in the next step) will receive an email indicating that further action must be taken to create a ticket in ConnectWise. Once the mapping or required action is completed, Watchman Monitoring will create the ticket on the next check-in.

Creating a New Configuration

If a Configuration for the computer does not exist in your ConnectWise, you can select the Create New Configuration option.

Create New Configuration

An additional Search Configuration Types field will be displayed below.

Search Configuration Types

Enter your search for a Configuration Type, and select the Configuration Type from the list.

Select Configuration Type

Configuration Types which have required fields are not eligible for use by Watchman Monitoring for creation, however existing Configurations with required fields may be mapped to Computer Records.

Click Save to save the new configuration.

Step 6

Ticket Creation settings allow you to be notified of incidences where an action is required in order for Watchman Monitoring to create tickers in your ConnectWise, allow Watchman Monitoring to create tickets for computers without Configuration Items, and/or send an additional warning email when tickets are created.

The Administrative Email Address for Action-Required Notifications should be an email address that does not create tickets in your ConnectWise. These notifications will include notifications for lack of Company or Configuration Item mapping.

Enable the Allow Ticket Creation Without Configuration Items option only if you do not track all monitored computers as ConnectWise Configuration Items. Watchman Monitoring Groups must be mapped to ConnectWise Companies to enable this option.

Enable the Send Additional Warning Emails During Ticket Creation option to receive an email from Watchman Monitoring in addition to ticket creation in ConnectWise. You will need to enable "New Warning" emails in Settings -> Emails.

Prevent Duplicate Tickets During Initial Setup

If you have used Watchman Monitoring for a while, you may already have existing tickets created in your ConnectWise. You can optionally assign existing Ticket Numbers to current Warnings to prevent additional tickets for known issues. Enter the existing ticket number(s) and click Save & Continue when finished.


Step 7

Complete Setup & Activate ConnectWise

For the final step, click the Activate ConnectWise button to complete setup and activate your ConnectWise integration.

You can return to any of these steps using the ConnectWise integration menu on the left sidebar.

ConnectWise integration menu

If you have made changes, added companies, or added new configurations, be sure to Update your ConnectWise integration before proceeding to other areas of the configuration by pressing the Start button.

Update ConnectWise Setting, Companies and Configurations

Using the Watchman Monitoring Integration

Viewing ConnectWise Tickets from Watchman Monitoring Dashboard

Clicking the ticket icon will take you to ConnectWise ticket for this computer. When the ticket icon is visible next to a plugin, that plugin is muted by ConnectWise. Hovering over the ticket icon wil show the ConnectWise ticket number.

Viewing  Tickets from Watchman Monitoring Dashboard


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