ConnectWise API Callback Configuration

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Whenever status of ticket is changed in ConnectWise, ConnectWise will call Watchman Monitoring with ticket and new status value. Watchman Monitoring check whether status is considered closed and clears the ticket and mute.

Create Ticket Callback

Navigate to Integrations > ConnectWise Setup.

Copy the ConnectWise Ticket Callback.

ConnectWise Ticket Callback

Under System click on Setup Tables.

System > Members

Enter integrator and press the return key.

Search for

Click on Integrator Login.

Click on

Click the + sign to add a new Integrator Login.

Click the + sig to add a new Integrator Login

Provide the Integration Login a Username and Password. The Username and Password will not be used, but are required to define the integration.

Select the Service Ticket API option.

Enter the Callback URL from your ConnectWise Setup integration configuration.

Enter Integration Login details

Choose a strong password to ensure proper security of the API User account.

Click the Save (floppy disk) icon to save the Ingrator Login.

Save the Integrator login.




The private key is only available at the time the key is created. Please make a note of it.

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