About the Backblaze online backup plugin

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The popular backup software, Backblaze, is an easy and secure way to get all your files backed up automatically. 

With our Backblaze monitoring plugin, you will be able to keep an eye on all your Backblaze installs in one convenient location.

Backblaze Plugin

Backblaze Plugin

The plugin reports the following items:

  • Whether Backblaze is installed
  • When the backup has not been performed as expected
  • Frozen backup state Learn more...
  • Which volumes are being backed up
  • Which volumes have gone missing from the backup set
  • When the Backblaze license is expired or about to expire (useful for those who are Backblaze partners so you can capture the referral revenue from a license renewal)
  • If .bzvol folder is missing or damaged (useful regarding this issue involving Adobe Creative Cloud)

Note: Be aware of default file and folder exclusions for Mac and WIndows. Watchman Monitoring reports file type exclusions including iso, dmg and sparseimage.

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