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The Promise Pegasus RAID plugin reports the configuration, status of Promise Pegusus and Pegasus2 RAID connected using Thunderbolt and promiseutil

The Promise Pegasus RAID plugin is available for versions that respond to

 /usr/local/bin/promiseutil -A

This plugin is optimized for 3.18 or better. Watchman Monitoring suggests that you keep the Pegasus tools up to date, and will notify you if the required promiseutil version is not installed, or too far out of date.

Visit Promise's support page for the latest Pegasus tools.

Current Alerts

  • One time warning if a given enclosure is removed, or attached
  • If the number of spare disks changed.
  • The promiseutil command returns a status that is not OK.

Items which normally send an OK status include:

  • Overall RAID Status OverallRAIDStatus
  • Disks in the enclosure

We currently support Pegasus and Pegasus2 over Thunderbolt.

Beta Access

If you are interested in testing the Promise RAID Plugin, please email support.

Promise Pegasus RAID

Support & Feedback

To streamline this process, please use the Plugin Support button in the Dashboard and select Request Support.

Plugin Support > Request Support

Using this button eases the process of submitting the report, and provides the Watchman Monitoring Support team needed background information to speed replies.

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