Enrollment codes for end-user self-enrollment

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Enrollment codes allow for end-users to self-enroll a computer for Proactive Support in your Watchman Monitoring account. Enrollment codes are ideal for retail environments or other situations when you need end users to enroll their own computers.

1. Generate Enrollment Codes

Intstallers > Enrollment Options

To setup enrollment codes, visit the Enrollment Options section of the Installers page on your dashboard

By default, you will be taken to Enrollment Codes

Click Generate Code(s)

Enrollment Codes > Generate Enrollment Codes

1.1. Enter Batch Information

Generate Enrollment Codes Form

Number of codes to create in this batch

  • Number of unique codes to be created.
  • Small batches are good for testing
  • Single code batches are good to send to specific end users directly.

Number of Enrollments allowed

  • Enrollment codes allow installation on a specific number of computers.
  • By default, each code is valid for a single installation,
  • Entering a larger number allows for "Family Packs" or businesses to self-enroll a fixed number of computers.

The number of available redemptions can be adjusted for any single code or en masse, even after they've been consumed.

Batch Name

  • Batch names are a way to manage and search codes created at a certain time.
  • Batch codes are arbitrary and default to the current date.
  • Example uses: a store location or date generated

1.2. Optionally assign computers to a specific Group

Optionally assign computers to a specific Group
  • When an Enrollment Code is redeemed, the computer(s) can be placed into a group with a specific name.
  • Select this option when you need many codes for a single company/end user.
  • Leave this unchecked to put computers into a Group named with the Enrollment Code.
  • After disribution this feature can assist with tracking code usage.

Assigning many codes to a single group can make computer identification more difficult

1.3. Optionally attach an Expiration upon installation

Optionally attach an Expiration upon installation
  • An Expiration can be automatically created upon installation of the monitoring software from an Enrollment Code.
  • Expirations are useful for tracking internal support plans or trial periods.
  • By default, Expirations will be assigned a Manufacturer to match your company name, and a product called Monitoring Service; either can be changed in the Expirations Setup Page.

The expiration is created for tracking only, and will not stop the computer's hourly reporting.

1.4. Generate Codes

  • Remaining Enrollments can be adjusted at any time after creation.
  • "Copy Redeem Url" will place a url in your clipboard that will automatically fill in the enrollment code for easy distribution. First name, last name, and email address can be inserted into the url to be auto-filled as well. Example url:
  • Consumed codes can be reactivated at any time to allow more enrollments

2. Set up Redemption Website

Enrollment codes can be redeemed by end-users for self installation of your "Monitoring Client" software. These signed, payload-free packages always install the latest version, and use the enrollment code as the Group. Groups can be merged or renamed.

Here are three ways to use the redemption system:

2.1. Watchman Monitoring's Hosted Redemption form

Watchman Monitoring's Hosted Redemption form

A hosted redemption form. No setup required, minimal branding from Watchman Monitoring. View your hosted form

  • Ideal for testing enrollment codes.
  • Does not require end users to login.
  • The hosted redemption form can be found at the above link or:

2.2. Embedded On Your Site

Embedded On Your Site

Focus on your brand by adding this to a page on your site.

  • Create a landing page in your current site (Wordpress, Joomla, etc).
  • Add text to inform your end-users how to redeem and what to expect.
  • Visit your code redemption page to get the customized code to embed the redemption iFrame on your website

2.2.1. Passing values to iFrame

<iframe id="enrollment-embed" src="https://SUBDOMAIN.monitoringclient.com/self-enroll?embed=" width="550" height="550" frameborder="0"></iframe>
<script>var params = window.location.search.substring(1); document.getElementById('enrollment-embed').src =  'https://SUBDOMAIN.monitoringclient.com/self-enroll?embed=true&'+ params;</script>

The above Javascript will allow you to pass parameters to your iframe embedded redemption form.


Adding &submit=true will automatically submit the form, if all of the fields are provided values.

2.3. Host a standalone redemption page

Host a standalone redemption page

If it is not possible, or practical, to create a new page in your site builder, these manual steps can create a new standalone page:

  • View a customized index.html file here
  • Create an empty folder at the root of your website. e.g. "/redeem"
  • Upload the index.html to the new folder.
  • Add text to inform your end-users how to redeem and what to expect.

When a code is redeemed, a new Note will be created for the computer with the name and email address entered upon redemption.

3. Distribute Enrollment Codes

Distribute Enrollment Codes

Once you have generated enrollment codes and set up a redemption site, it is time to start distributing the codes to your end users. Here are a few ideas on how to distribute enrollment codes:

  • A gift card like the one pictured above. Created with the help of http://www.sedonamarketing.com/
  • Printed on receipts from your POS system.
  • Emailed to your customers

3.1. Generate a CSV of your codes For Printing

Generate a CSV of your codes For Printing

Export CSV

  • Codes Only: a csv of enrollment codes
  • Full Detail: a csv of codes, batch names, remaining enrollments, and any assigned Groups.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Will I know if someone transfers the installation to another computer?

  • Yes. If an installation is transferred to another computer then we'll either reset the Watchman ID or email you that the computer has changed - or both.

How will I know the software has been installed?

  • You will receive an email any time a computer enrolls. The group name will be set to the enrollment code that was used.

What happens if someone tries to use an enrollment code that has been consumed?

  • They will be met with a message to contact you for support.



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