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The Archiware P5 Plugin is designed to give backup administrators a high level overview of the state of P5 on any Mac on which P5 is configured, and are running version 5.4.3 or greater. (Linux and Windows support is pending).

The plugin will log and report all job exceptions, inform the Watchman Monitoring subscriber when tape drives need cleaning or are in need of a new tape.

The plugin will display the Archive, Backup, and Synchronize plans. 

Backup2Go server and client plugins are in development.



  • Alerts when jobs are waiting for tapes.
  • Alerts when drives need cleaning.
  • Reports on running backup, archive, or sync jobs.

Licensing Reports

  • Whether or not modules are licensed
  • Number of backup2go clients
  • Number of tape slots
  • Number of drives licensed
  • Virtual clients or server agents licensed.


  • Reports demo license expiration date.
  • Reports maintenance expiration date.


Known Issues

  • Some jobs will show as running in the GUI when they are actually waiting for tapes.


Support & Feedback

To streamline this process, please use the Plugin Support button in the Dashboard and select Request Support. Using this button eases the process of submitting the report, and provides the Watchman Monitoring Support team needed background information to speed replies.

Plugin Support > Request Support

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