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FileMaker Server allows many users to access the same FileMaker Pro databases concurrently and performs versioned backups in a weekly rotation.

Watchman Monitoring's FileMaker Server monitoring allows IT Professionals to be notified of issues with their FileMaker Servers without having to worry about local SMTP configuration, including notices about the computer's overall health.

FileMaker Server versions 11 through 16 are supported, on Mac OS X 10.6 or greater. Future versions will include support Windows hosts, as well as newer versions of FileMaker Server.

Note: Upon first installation, a warning will be generated. This is normal. Configure fmsadmin credentials using the PreferencePane on the Mac itself.


Configure FileMaker Server Authentication

Configure FileMaker Server Authentication

Unlike most Watchman Monitoring plugins which require no configuration, FileMaker Server monitoring relies on authenticated fmsadmin commands. Running fmsadmin requires a FileMaker Server username and password to be configured in the monitoring client's PreferencePane.

When the FileMaker Server plugin first activates, it will generate a notice to let you know it needs configuration. Enter the fmsadmin username and password in the Settings tab of the Monitoring Client's Preference Pane.

Note that the password will be stored on disk in /var/root/Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport

If the storage of a FileMaker Server user's credentials on disk is unacceptable, the agent can still be used to ensure the overall health of the host computer. 


Confirm Settings

Confirm Settings

The Preference Pane has a Test Settings button to easily test the FileMaker Server plugin setup.

De-select databases which are expected to close.

De-select databases which are expected to close.

One of the features of the FileMaker Server plugin is to warn when databases close. If there are database files which are allowed to close during normal server operation unchecking them will prevent unwanted warnings.


Benefits of The FileMaker Server Plugin

In addition to the benefits of using Watchman Monitoring on servers, this plugin:

  • Reports errors that are discovered in FileMaker Server Event log.
  • Reports file backup issues.
  • Reports if damaged databases are found.
  • Lists open databases and reports if they close.

Provides at a glance reporting of:

  • The server's backup schedule and status.
  • The server's plugins.
  • Available databases, their size, and status.
  • Licensing information, including serial number and Organaization.

Other benefits of Watchman Monitoring for FileMaker Servers

The dedicated FileMaker Server plugin adds additional value to our existing server related plugins.

Additional plugins of interest include:

  • Reboot Notification
  • Hard drive health
  • Notification if a computer boots off its bootable backup.
  • Notifications when monitored volumes become too full, or go missing.
  • IP Address change notifications
  • RAID Status, and other general checks for a computer's well being.




What if the plugin is generating alerts on a computer which is no longer used for FileMaker Server?

  • This plugin will generate a warning if it detects FileMaker Pro Server is installed, but no fmsadmin username or password is configured. If FileMaker Pro server monitoring is not needed, any of the follow will prevent undesired warnings.
  • Fully removing FileMaker Server
  • Disabling the Plugin in the Monitoring Client PreferencePane
  • Ignoring the plugin in the Dashboard.

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