Time Machine Reporting

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The Time Machine Plugin will report when a Time Machine backup has not been performed in the allotted time frame.


The Time Machine Plugin reports:

  • Days allowed between Time Machine Backups
  • Defined Destinations
  • Destination Name
  • Backup Path
  • Latest Backup
  • Status
  • Back up while on battery power
  • Notifies after old backups are deleted
  • Time and drive location of most recent backup

Disabling Time Machine will result in a one-time warning email notification that Time Machine has been disabled.

Adjusting the time frame for reports

Adjusting the time frame for reports

The time frame for Time Machine backup reports can be changed from the Monitoring Client's Preference Pane.

Additional Time Machine Functionality

Additional Time Machine Functionality

The Advanced button gives the Subscriber some additional options for using Time Machine. The Monitoring Client can automatically trigger Time Machine backups at a specified time daily or after a specified number of days.

To enable Time Machine backups that do not occur hourly:

  • Within Time Machine, set up the backups as desired.
  • Toggle Time Machine to Off.
  • Within Watchman Monitoring PreferencePane, click the Advanced Button.
  • Choose a time for backups to occur.
  • Choose a time interval in days.

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