Expiration Interface Overview

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Expirations will allow you to create quick reports by Groups or overall to assist you and your team with managing licenses, warranties and subscriptions. Our agent will automatically gather expiration dates from Backblaze, CrashPlan, Kerio Connect, and more.

Expirations > View/Search

Select Expirations > View/Search to see a complete listing of all expirations.

Interface Overview


Clicking on the column headers (Manufacturer, Product, License Key, Group, Computer, Expiration or Renewable) will sort by the column.

Expiration Date & Renewability

Expiration Date & Renewability

Expirations due within the next 60 days or are past due are highlighted in red.

Expirations that are Renewable in the next 60 days are highlighted in orange.

New Expirations

New Expirations > Group or Computer

New Expirations can be related to a Group or Computer.  See Adding Expirations for additional detail.

Export CSV

Export CSV

The Export CSV button will export the current selection of Expiration items.

Apply Search criteria, then export to manipulate further in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Actions Menu

Actions > Edit

The Actions menu next to each line item will allow you to Edit the expiration.

Edit Expiration

Modifying Expirations managed by Watchman Monitoring can result in duplicate records and/or loss of modified expiration date.

Actions > Queue Refresh

Accounts with the GSX Integration enabled, can queue a refresh of the warranty information. This can be helpful if AppleCare was recently purchased, but is not reflected in the expiration.

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