Searching Expirations

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Viewing and Searching Expirations will allow you to create quick reports by Groups or overall to assist you and your team with managing licenses, warranties and subscriptions. Our agent will automatically gather expiration dates from Backblaze, CrashPlan, Kerio Connect, and more.

Expirations > View/Search

Select Expirations > View/Search to see a complete listing of all expirations.

Searching Expirations

Watchman Monitoring includes several saved searches. Additionally, you can specify your own search criteria.

Searching Expirations

Click Search button to access Search Builder

Click Search to access the Search Criteria Builder.

Select Criteria

Search Criteria include Product, Manufacturer, Related Group, License Key, Expiration Date Range, and/or if Renewable.

When adjusting a date range into the future, you may need to select the new end date before selecting the start date.


Once you have selected the criteria for your search, click the Search button.

Edit Search Criteria

Your search criteria will be displayed above the search results. You can continue to refine your search by clicking the Edit Criteria button.

Edit Criteria > Save Search

To save a search for future use and/or to share with other users, click Edit Criteria then Save Search.

Save Search dialog

Give the Saved Search a Name and choose its Visibility, then click Save Search.

Saved Searches

Saved Searches

Click the Saved Searches menu to access your preconfigured searches.

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