Exporting Computer Data as CSV

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Data from Watchman Monitoring can be exported to CSV for further manipulation and reporting.

CSV Export


Navigate to Computers.

Use a Saved Search or apply your own search criteria

Use a Saved Search or apply your own search criteria.

Export CSV

From the Export CSV, you can export the Current Columns or Full Detail.

Current Columns

Current Columns

You can select which columns are visible. Using the Current Columns option will export only the selected data points.

Full Detail

The following data points are included in the Computer Full Detail CSV Export:

Watchman ID, Group, Computer Name, Custom Name, Description, Last User, Asset ID, Serial Number, OS Version, Max OS, Installed RAM, Boot Volume Capacity, Boot Volume Usage, Boot Volume Usage Percent, Model Identifier, Primary IP Address, Active MAC Address, System MAC Address, Processor Info, SMC Version, Product Description, Config Description, FileVault, Bash CVE 2014, TeamViewer ID, TeamViewer Version, LogMeIn URL, SimpleHelp URL, JSS Computer ID, Munki Identifier, ARD Field 1, ARD Field 2, ARD Field 3, ARD Field 4, Public Notes, Internal Notes, Missing Report, AppleCare Eligibility, Warranty Status, Estimated Purchase, Est. Manufacture Date, Apple Product Discription, Date Created, Last Report, Has Issue, Current Uptime, Agent Version, Build Number, Agent Removed, Missing, Report if Missing, Report Missing After, Ignore Missing Until, Updates Enabled, Settings Enabled, Platform, Computer URL

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